Promotion Stands

СНПЧ А7 Сочи, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Eye-Catching Promotion Design Ideas that are Motivating and Selling

We are distinguished in the regional market for our innovative and up-market promotion stands specifically designed according to our clients’ brand requirements and promotional concepts. Backed by our rich experience in designing and producing diverse nature bespoke stands, we ensure our clients get maximum value for their efforts with optimum visibility among all promotion stands.

We specialize in designing extended range of promotion stands fabricated using high quality raw material; these include sampling trolleys, brochure stands, roll-up stands, pop-up stands, promoter stands, pop cutout displays, x-stands, canopies, sail flags, etc.

Locations World Wide Coverage

  • Head Office Jeddah +

    Villa-34, Tahlia, Al Andalus District, P.O.Box: 104376, Jeddah 21331, KSA. More Detail
  • Factory +

    Plot No. 1326, Al Jauhara District P.O.Box. 104376, Jeddah 21331, KSA. More Detail
  • Riyadh +

    Exit - 17, Al Sulai District P.O.Box 235484, Riyadh - 11332, KSA. More Detail
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Testimonials Client Reviews about us

  • M. Agha khan (G.M.) +

    TJR is success today because we belived in their Capibilities & they dont have excuzez to let us down. More Detail
  • Raza Haroon (P. Manager) +

    Testing assumptions allows you the power to create possibilities. More Detail
  • Furqan Baig (C.E.O) +

    Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand. More Detail
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