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Strategic Promotion Planning

We have the cognizance that a meticulously developed and astutely implemented promotion plan is essential to complement our clients’ marketing endeavors and improves the chances of achieving business milestones. Our seasoned team comprising market savvy professionals are well-known in the market for developing and executing strategic promotional plan for our clients. We offer a complete range of solutions that include analyzing market situation, identifying clients’ customer base, planning & executing the tactics, and monitoring & evaluating the plan.


Event Management

We specialize in managing events of every magnitude and type, and with our one-stop solutions our clients can be rest assured that their event would achieve the desired objectives and create a lasting and positive impact with the participants that include general visitors, present and prospective customers, guests, and even their own employees. With the clients’ interest at the core of our operations, we are now well established to plan, design, produce, and manage all kinds of corporate, social & PR events, including seminars, workshops, launches, exhibitions, musical functions, single & multi brand events, parties, etc.


Consumer Promotions

We specialize in developing tailored consumer promotion strategies that stimulates consumer interest in our clients’ products and services, and drives incremental sales. Our seasoned marketing professionals work in close coordination with the clients to assist them in achieving their business goals through promotion activities that entice, enchant and encourage the targeted audience. We keep an eye on the intense market competition and the rapidly changing consumer dynamics; this helps us to identify, formulate and implement effective consumer promotions to leverage our clients in maintaining and even expanding their market share.



Our merchandising experts act as part of our clients’ team to provide broad range of premium in-store services that ensure best exposure for the products. We provide exceptional value to our clients through choosing the right stores and the correct product quantity at the most appropriate times at these stores. We ensure out-of-stocks are reduced through our merchandising services customized to our clients’ requirements. With focus on the target market and the buyers, we also employ various merchandising techniques that include product design, packaging, pricing, selection to display, etc.


Brand Support Activities

With the passage of time, we have perfected the intricate art of enhancing customers’ loyalty, brand awareness and product sales through the development and implementation of personalized brand promotion campaigns. In order to improve brand positioning of our clients, we are well-equipped to initiate a suite of marketing activities – featuring indoor to outdoor activities as well as integrated approaches – to support and strengthen any brand promotion campaign.


Direct Marketing

We are regarded as leaders in the realms of direct marketing, offering a vast range of integrated, multi-channel, data-driven solutions to maximize earnings and increase brand awareness for our clients. We are driven to realize and foretell consumer purchasing trends; this combined with our solid network of data providers has leveraged us to provide our clients with maximum value for their marketing investments. We have gradually expanded our scope of services to make our client’s brands become manifest in a brimful market. We offer innovative solutions such as SMS marketing, email marketing, interactive websites & web applications, online display ads, fliers, outdoor advertising, catalogues, etc. that integrate well with the media campaigns and achieve the desired bottom line for our clients.

Creative Development

With innovation and out-of-the-box approach our main forte, we embed life in the brands and give them a look and feel that is insightful, unique and effective; thus maximizing opportunities for our clients’ business success. Our creative department, comprising inspired, dynamic and progressive professionals, is geared up to provide clients with complete turnkey solutions which leverages them to connect with the targeted audience in an engaging and compelling manner. Our complete package of services include development of television and radio commercials, press advertisements, logos, collateral and point-of-sales (POS) material, documentaries, animations, websites, etc.

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    Villa-34, Tahlia, Al Andalus District, P.O.Box: 104376, Jeddah 21331, KSA. More Detail
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    Exit - 17, Al Sulai District P.O.Box 235484, Riyadh - 11332, KSA. More Detail
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  • M. Agha khan (G.M.) +

    TJR is success today because we belived in their Capibilities & they dont have excuzez to let us down. More Detail
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    Testing assumptions allows you the power to create possibilities. More Detail
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    Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand. More Detail
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